Economy, Finance, Money and Your Future

LYOYB04 (Available for all periods: 11:20 – 12:40, 29 June – 10 July, 13 – 24 July 2020)

Some jobs will exist as long as humans do. Finance will exist, because money and trade will exist as long as there are humans. This course will take you into the world of finance, which was likely not your principal interest until now. You will learn more about money, investing, asset valuation, stock exchange, gold, and other financial instruments you might hear about every day. I will now ask you some questions: What does economic crisis mean? Why do these occur? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when saying financial markets? Why are minerals in nature used in financial markets? How do you determine the price of any product you might see around you? What do stock excange, bonds, gold and interest mean? What determines the value of currencies? Why is financial literacy important? Why should we save? How does saving benefit the national economy? What does hot money mean? What does current deficit mean? Why are politics and money inseparable? What does the future hold for Turkey, EU and the US? How will economic developments affect your career? Can the world of finance be your future? We will seek simple and straightforward answers to questions like these.