Entrepreneurship and Innovation

LYOYB01 (Available for all periods: 15:30 – 16:50, 29 June – 10 July, 13 – 24 July 2020)

Innovation and entrepreneurship are strongly linked. Innovation may be defined as bringing creative solutions to problems by using available sources. Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive process that includes this creative process, the implementation of the solutions arrived by innovation, and finding new creative solutions to additional issues that may arise during implementation. In this course, we will first discuss innovation and its different types, the factors that enable innovation, and its consequences, while going into the details of the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship. Also discussed will be the stages of entrepreneurship from finding an idea to turning it into an opportunity, building a team, leading entrepreneurial teams and the role of leadership, acquiring sources to start the enterprise, and growth. Different perspectives on entrepreneurship, models and different entrepreneurship types –social entrepreneurship, intra-company entrepreneurship– will be other subjects of discussion.