How to Crack Silicon Valley Interviews

LYOFN33 (Available for the 2nd period: 15:30 – 16:50, 13 – 24 July)

Hüsnü Yenigün

Selim Önal

This course has two parts. The first part covers data structures and algorithms topics as a continuation of the course "LYOFN17 - Introduction to Programming with Python", where the basic concepts of programming are introduced. The second part of the course is about how to prepare for the technical interviews of Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Palantir, etc. The students will attend informative talks given by the engineers from these companies and get mock-interviewed by these engineers.

Prerequisite: The course will assume that the students are already familiar with the basic concepts of programming which are covered by "LYOFN17 - Introduction to Programming with Python".

Note: The students are required to bring their own computers. There will be in-class and homework assignments.