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Communication Skills for Academic and Professional Life

LYOSB32 (Available for all periods: 14:30 - 15:30)

1. Period, 2. Period 3. Period Engin Kılıç

In your high school and university education as well as in your business life, you will do a lot of writing and reading of all sorts and make presentations. In other words, you will constantly use your communication skills such as writing, reading, speaking and listening. But do you know how to do all these effectively?

This course aims to develop your communication skills, with a special focus on writing. It will cover topics like producing a proposition, developing an argument, defense strategies, citation, reference, structure of an essay, comprehensive reading, oral presentation techniques, e-mail writing, etc. Through exercises in these subjects, you will see the basic principles of conveying your ideas in an effective and organized way.

Engin Kılıç
Engin Kılıç