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Creative Coding Axis of Art and Design

LYOSA02 (Available for all periods: 16:00 - 17:00)

1. Period, 2. Period, 3. Period Begüm Çelik

Creative Coding introduces programming as a new form of artistic expression. In doing so, it aims to explore how to move programming can be taken off its pragmatic grounds and be used as an artistic medium instead. Creative Coding is a process of experimentation, iteration, and discovery, in which code is used as the primary medium to create a wide variety of media productions. Contrary to the goal-oriented approach of computer programming, there is no predictable output in accordance with the nature of the creative process. On the contrary, the creation process, which is pursued with an experimental attitude, is quite open to what chance and error would bring. The creative coding process is often based on discovering, diversifying, and advancing unexpected results. Using these methods in the course, abstract images and real-time animations will be produced. Simultaneously, critical discussions always will be open to position creative coding and generative art in the history of art.

In this course, a JavaScript-based p5.js platform will be used for creative coding. A computer is required to attend the course.

Begüm Çelik
Begüm Çelik