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International Relations and Political Economy

LYOSB29 (Available for all periods: 13:00 - 14:00)

1. Period, 2. Period, 3. Period Nihat Muğurtay

This course analyzes the relationship between state power and the international market theoretically and empirically, from the perspective of International Relations. During the first classes, we will examine the relationship between state power and economy through concrete examples such as the Industrial Revolution and international trade. Later on, we will study new institutions that emerged after the Second World War, based on international trade, finance, globalization, and global development. Finally, we will discuss how the international political economy can find solutions to the current most important issues such as climate, international migration, gender, and development. While studying these topics, we will also touch upon the data collection and analysis processes involved in the research field of International Political Economy.

Nihat Muğurtay
Nihat Muğurtay