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Milestones in Human History

LYO (11:30 – 12:30)

1, Period Emre Erol

Course Description: This course discusses eight important milestones from early humans to the present times that are essential for understanding the human experience. Each class of the course introduces one of the eight milestones in the form of a fifty-minute lecture with some prompts and questions reserved for the last ten minutes. 

The eight milestones discussed in the course are the following: 

  1. ‘Beware the Cavemen!’ – Our Hunting and Gathering Ancestors
  2. The ‘Greatest’ Transformation? – Agricultural (R)evolution(s)
  3. Globalizations before the Globalization – Afro-Eurasian Macrosystems 
  4. A world without ‘Iskender Kebab?’ – The Columbian Exchange
  5. ‘Everlasting change’ – The modern revolutions and modernity
  6. ‘Sapere Aude’ – The Age of Enlightenment  
  7. Coming of the cheap and the abundant - The Industrial Revolution(s) 
  8. The Anthropocene, the Global Warming and the Climate Change
Emre Erol
Emre Erol