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Campus Facilities


sabanci-universitesi-yurtlarSabancı University Summer High School students will be accommodated in 4-student rooms in student dormitories within the Sabancı Campus. More than two students who know each other will not be placed in each quadruple room so that our students can fuse with each other. These rooms are specially designed for students to create their own comfort zone. All dormitory rooms have shower-toilet, wardrobes, and separate telephone for each student and internet connection.

Routine cleaning of the dormitory rooms is done twice a week. Students also benefit from fully automatic laundry and drying machines and ironing equipment free of charge.

Dining hall

dining hallThe cafeteria in the University Center is the largest restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a capacity of 900 people. Meals are determined by taking into consideration the daily calorie needs and balanced nutrition criteria. Our students will have their meals in this hall.



Students who joins to Sabancı University Summer High School will be able to share the same social spaces with other students studying and make new friends. They can go to Köpüklü Kahve and Piazza, which is located around the ornamental pool right near the dormitories, Küçük Ev which is located in the University Center and Fasshane which is located in the Faculty of Art and Social Sciences (FASS). Students will be able to visit the current exhibition at the art gallery in FASS.

Health Center

In the Health Center, we have 3 doctors, 2 anesthesia technicians, 1 laboratory technician and 2 administrative staff are working at the daytime. Polyclinic, laboratory, vaccination services are carried out in the Health Center. In case of need, there are 4 beds where the patient can be observed. The ambulance team, consisting of a doctor, an anesthesia techician and driver, is on duty 24/7. All our students are covered by Sabancı University accident insurance during the period they participate.


sport-facilitiesSummer High School students will be able to benefit from all sports facilities on campus unlimitedly and free of charge.
These facilities include (a) the main hall, which can be used for volleyball and basketball, squash courts, cardio-fitness room, fitness and dance studios, climbing wall, hot water-shower facilities; (b) secondary Gym; (c) grass and astroturf football facilities; (d) running track and exercise track; (e) table tennis rooms. Click for detailed info



It is essential that all activities at Sabancı University are carried out in a safe environment at all times. Security of Sabancı University campus area is provided on a 24-hour basis by the Private Security Company, whose powers are determined by existing laws and directives.

Academic Requirements

Academic requirements ensure a safe and useful Summer Program for everyone.

You are required to attend the courses for which you are registered. Students who miss two lessons will not be given a completion certificate for that course. Students who miss three lessons will be reported to their parents and expelled from the school.

In order to leave the campus, students must submit a written request by a parent, upon which our office will speak to the family to decide. Students who leave the campus without permission shall be expelled immediately.

You are also required to adhere to dormitory rules to attend school. Accordingly: You must obtain permission from the administration for having parties with 6 or more people, and be in your rooms by midnight. Students who are in possession of alcohol on their persons or rooms, or are found in rooms where there is alcohol present shall be expelled immediately.

Students who destroy property in classrooms, dormitory rooms and common areas shall be expelled immediately and the damage shall be recovered from the student.

A final registration fee of TL 1000 will be collected and the balance will be refunded after the registration deadline of May 1, 2023. No refunds will be made for cancellations after the program has been started.