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Sabancı University Summer High School is held in three terms. Candidates may enrol in each terms and up to three courses for each term.

Students will attend courses of their choosing every day of the week for two weeks. Completed applications will be reviewed within 24 hours and applicants will be informed of results. The candidate's recommender must have submitted the online letter of recommendation for the application to be considered complete. All courses have limited seating capacity.

The medium of instruction at the Sabancı University Summer High School is completely English. Please click here for more information about course and accommodation fees.


Ders KoduDers AdıDers Saati
LYOYB04 Economy, Finance, Money and Your Future10:00-11:00
LYOSB09 Psychology10:00-11:00
LYOYB05 Successful Management in Business10:00-11:00
LYOFN30 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence11:30-12:30
LYOFN04 Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering and Nanomedicine11:30-12:30
LYOSB24 From Mind to Text: Creative Writing13:00-14:00
LYOSB21 International Law13:00-14:00
LYOSB29 International Relations and Political Economy13:00-14:00
LYOFN17 Introduction to Computer Programming with Python13:00-14:00
LYOSB32 Communication Skills for Academic and Professional Life14:30-15:30
LYOSB19 International Macroeconomics14:30-15:30
LYOSA03 Major Works of Modern Art14:30-15:30
LYOSB31 Philosophy14:30-15:30
LYOFN01 Quantum Physics14:30-15:30
LYOSA02 Creative Coding Axis of Art and Design16:00-17:00
LYOYB01 Entrepreneurship and Innovation16:00-17:00
LYOSB13 Law and Ethics16:00-17:00